So my dream of selling vintage clothing has become a reality, and now we are online, selling everything from Lindy bop, to Vixen clothing, Steady menswear and accessories and shoes!


Well I hope you like the website!  Its been a long time coming, in fact the only analogy I can use is it’s   like been giving birth….

  • It’s been something that been in the making for what seems like yonks,
  • It’s something that I was dreading doing.
  • I didn’t quite understand it and how it would work who sent what to whom – that type of thing.
  • If you’ve following the progress of the shop, the website is the next natural step in my “journey”. When I’ve attended events in the South Yorkshire area, I’ve been constantly asked “is this on the website?”  Only for me to apologise politely and the kick myself for not doing it sooner.


  • The wonderful Josie Walker ( has been my partner in crime, waiting patiently in the wings, making sure that I did what she told me to do – all be it very delayed! I bet there’s been more than one occasion where she’s been pulling her (very beautiful pink) hair out!


Josie is the brains behind all the branding for the shop.  How she got to what we now know to be Miss Samantha’s Vintage “look” is a mystery to me, as I didn’t give her much information to go on.   All I gave her a very brief description of a type face and a photograph of a shop front I had seen whilst on holiday in Santa Barbara (that sounds very grand but that’s a blog all in its own!)


Thank you all for you continued support for Miss Samantha’s Vintage and I do hope that you like to website and if there is anything that you think that should be changed or improved please message me and you know I’ll just message Josie with it!!  Don’t forget if you like it please let me know too.

The blog will be another way that I can let you know what’s going off in the with world of MSV.

Plus any events that I’m attending or any of the classes that I’ve started to hold in the shop.

The next event that I will be taking my little stall is at Crookes Market on Sunday the 7th of October, if you’re planning on coming to it pop over and say hi!

Over the last couple of months there has been a fantastic vintage hair class for both beginners and an advanced class.  These classes have been given by the absolutely fabulous Gypsy. Rose Niamh Kavanagh.  She has been giving us all invaluable advice and tips, as well as giving us demonstrations on how to do a variety of rolls and brush outs.

The next class for this is a beginner’s class on the 23rd of November – space is very limited so please send me a message and I’ll pop you on my list.

My last comment is that I want to thank my husband Russ – he’s had to put up with a lot over the last year, from this all being a dream in a bar (yes really) to an actual physical shop and now the website.

He’s had to put up with the tears of frustration, self doubt, the anxiety, and then the giddiness when something goes right!

To my love all my love x