About Miss Samantha's Vintage

A Lady Vintage dress kicked off Sam’s journey towards vintage style and developed into her dream job of opening a shop in the heart of Walkley, Sheffield 


“My story of vintage started about six years ago. It was a very slow process when I started to wear vintage reproduction clothing.
It took a certain famous person to change their whole life under the scrutiny of the worlds press for me to be brave enough to wear a Lady Vintage dress in public. I remember going out on a “dress to impress” Sunday afternoon drinks in Sheffield with a gang of girlfriends. I wore the dress and felt wonderful!”

It was a particular Lady Vintage dress that started by journey to completely revamping my style. It was an expensive decision to change my whole wardrobe but as I’ve already said I slowly did this over a period of time, I’ve bought flowers, hair slides and scarves for my hair, my make up has been slowly transformed into the eyeliner and red lip that is so popular.  I found an absolutely brilliant hairdresser, who is an expert in styling vintage looks and is equally fantastic at colouring, so my tresses have been teased, combed and coloured over this same period of time. I watch her working and try to pick up tips from her. Also YouTube is a god send.

To my husband’s delight I’ve stopped wearing tights and now wear suspender belts (six flips not 4 clips) with stockings, which to be honest do feel much nicer. My heels have gone up in inches slightly, which I like to think helps my posture and gives me a longer line.

I’ve always thought vintage styles suited my curvy figure the best.

For those who know me, know that I’m not a size 10 but I’ve always tried to look good in whatever I wear. I recently attended a workshop on how to sell yourself and you had to describe the person to your left. The lady next described me in three words – GLAMOROUS, INDIVIDUAL AND DYNAMIC. I’ll take that thank you very much.

The decision to open a shop came about in October 2017, I was bemoaning the fact that I was bored in my current role in a contact centre, to which my husband asked what I ACTUALLY wanted to do. I replied sell pretty dresses” so he said, “do it then”! The rest is history and finds me here in my lovely shop in Walkley. Here you will find clothing from a size 8 to a size 24 (depending on the manufacturer). I cover the 1940’s and the 1950’s, but as it is reproduction vintage it’s made with a modern twist. Modern fabrics, modern cuts and modern sizing too.

I do hope you love my shop as much as I do!

Sam xx